4 Easy DIY Ideas to Recycle Your Wine Bottles

Have you ever wondered what else you could do with your empty wine bottles instead of tossing them in the trash? The best way to recycle wine bottles is to transform them into thrifty-looking decorative items that add to your home’s appeal. Making something lovely and new out of a wine bottle is not just an economical decoration for your home but can also serve as a DIY gift for your loved ones on occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, housewarming, etc. Here are four easy ways you can use old wine bottles in an aesthetically pleasing décor.

1.    Wine Bottle Pebble Lights:

Take an empty wine bottle and get it cut in half horizontally by glass recyclers. Please do not do this at home as it might cause severe cuts and injuries. Next, get some glass pebbles from any local decoration or thrift store and stick those pebbles to the wine bottle front to back. Once done, attach a bulb inside the bottle and hang it on your wall. Your beautiful wine pebble bottle will be all ready for display.

2.    Ancient scroll in Bottle:

You probably already know about the old bottles left behind on shores, which contain scrolls and love letters, right? Well, you can prepare one for yourself at home! Take an empty clear wine bottle, and fill it halfway with sand. Now write a letter, roll it like a scroll, and put it inside the bottle. For an antique look, spill coffee on your paper to give it a rusty color. Now secure the bottle with a cork and wrap a thin jute rope around it. There! Now you have your very own message in a bottle!

3.    Succulent Planter Bottle:

Succulent plants are an excellent technique to add color to your home. They require minimum maintenance and look contemporary as well. Take an empty wine bottle and get it cut open vertically from the broader part of the bottle (under the neck). Please make sure you get its edges scraped and softened to avoid injuries. Now add soil to your bottle and then place small succulents carefully inside. If you want, you can hang these on your walls after preparing their frames or place them on furniture.

4.    Traditional Bottle Vase:

The most common way that people recycle wine bottles is by using them as vases for their plants. Although most people do not bother to paint or decorate the bottles further, you can surely do that for enhanced appeal. Paint your bottles in unique hues and add contrasting colored plants in them. You can also apply glue to your wine bottle and then cover the entire bottle with glitter for more stylish décor.

There are many other ways to recycle empty wine bottles. Why waste thousands and hundreds of dollars finding expensive pieces to gift someone or decorate your home when you can prepare one yourself using stuff you can already see at home. If you liked our ideas, make sure you try them out and give us a review!

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