About Us

In my life I have been inspired by many different types of artists.  Crafting and ceramics and painting and even sewing/embroidery were introduced to me at an early age where my Mom, Aunts, and Grandma would set up on weekends to pass the time or to make birthday/Christmas/baby shower gifts for friends and family.  I since have moved on to try many different versions of crafting and art in my life and love to try new things.

My Mother-in-Law was a very talented artist and before her passing I was able to talk with her about how much she loved to be artistic in many different forms.  Many of her wonderful paintings are hanging in multiple rooms of our home.  She used to tell me that when she found a piece of canvas, she would let it sit around for days or weeks and even years at a time, untouched.  She would say that the art just hadn’t said what it wanted to be yet.  And she never signed her name to a painting unless she knew it was finished and would not touch it again after that.

I resonated with that concept and many of my artistic creations come to me in just that way.  Some days my artistic nature wants me to paint or decoupage.  Other days, it is pulling out all the beads and findings I can get my hands on and sifting through it all and grabbing out the ones that call to me or look like they are ready to be used in some way.  Even then, some pieces will sit out on my workspace for a day or two or four, until I can hear or envision what I am supposed to do with them and how they want to be put together.

Sometimes everything wants to be blue. All shades of Blue and complimentary colors to Blue.  Somedays it is Pink or Red… you get the point.  Some days everything wants to have an antique style look while others it is more modern, trendy pieces that dominates my day.

I am also fortunate to have a very talented and artistic Husband who also has a very eclectic style and loves to help me with creative projects, even if that means telling me something just isn’t working, but most often to remind me that art is subjective and there is something for everyone so don’t worry about what “everyone” will think about my creations.

My style changes often and it shows in my work.  Please feel free to come back regularly to find out what I might Try My Hand at next!